I have been a fine art printmaker since I was 19. I discovered it after I had to admit my love of ceramics was killing my asthmatic lungs.

I walked into my first class and carved some linoleum.  When I pulled that first print, POOF!

The world fell away... and I found my life!

Print thrills me. I see it as a tool for true empowerment across all societal divides. We take our ideas, push them through the matrix of a plate, and print cultural currency. We print on any surface, craft messages to drill into the realities of others, and we can change the world.

I print as much as I can–I built my studio in my basement, dumpster-diving and building all of my equipment from whatever I could scavenge. I teach printmaking techniques whenever possible, as they teach problem solving and speak to a graphic heritage everyone should access. 

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Libby Clarke / Studio
I make things and teach people to change the world for the better.
Let’s Change the World
If you also strive to give this world your best effort, let’s work together. Reach Out