Central Print Residency

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I was the 2019 Artist in Residence at Central Print. For seven days, I was able to work in the studio and meet the public.

My artist’s talk: Resistance for the Rest of Us 

During my residency, I continued working on my larger multi-year project Demand on Print: A Call to Action. This exploration of contemporary issues through printmaking was further explored in my community workshop, Pocket Protest Posters.

Pocket Protest Poster Workshop 

During the workshop I supported visitors’ exploration of protest posters using letterpress. We made tiny posters they could take wherever they wished to go! These cards can be used as postcards or posted any number of places.

I discussed the history of protest posters while artists worked within groups to refine the content for your prints. Then I helped them with setting type for printing their tiny placards. We ended with a print exchange.

Select Pieces I Produced 

Libby Clarke / Studio
I make things and teach people to change the world for the better.
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