Lent 2024

Mixed Media:
Ink, Pencil, Collage, Gold Leaf, Paint, Paper Cutouts

This year, we were all asked to contemplate Psalm 51 in its entirety and choose a portion. I used this as an opportunity to wrestle with the meaning of penitence I was taught as a child as opposed to what I have learned it to be in a welcoming and compassionate spiritual community.

I will continue to add images as I finish each spread, and I hope to be finished with the initial rendition by Easter. Once the project is done, I can take better pictures and decide where to go next.
I grew up being told regularly that I was already damned. Nothing I could do, just born wrong. I still hear regularly that my only future is to burn in hell (at least if what the trolls say in various online forums is true).  So, I find the idea of penitience—as it has been taught to me—a difficult cognitive leap. I have taken the time this year to process what I am finding might be true about repentanc

I am slowly making my way through Psalm 51, making  sense of the words in my own way. I have about 10 minutes of studio time each day to work on this, but the whole sequence is clear in my head. This sketchbook is becoming a rough prototype of the idea, a first go at really playing with composition and such.

Libby Clarke / Studio
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