The Sam & Devorah Foundation for Trans Youth

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Creating safe spaces for trans youth

I stepped in to create a website and help the team develop their online voice after previous attempts had lost momentum. The mission of the group determined my every choice and I gave them a completed site and a refined logo with a style guide. We spent a lot of time working together as this foundation is a memorial as well as a safe space. Every detail included was chosen with deep love and respect, and I am honored that I was trusted to be a part of the work.

I structured and designed the  site to clarify the brand and its message. I trained the staff to run the site themselves with confidence and have continued to give support as needed. I explained information architecture, trained key players to irganize content through a card sorting exercise, and used Squarespace as an accessible platform. The staff continue to build the site to this day, adapting it for a growing and determined team.

  • User Interface Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Copy Writing / Editing

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