Publicity & Public Relations 

I have a deep well of design and communication experience that I use to articulate the missions of key organizations in order to make change happen. 

Christ Church in Short Hills

I have promoted efforts across several facets of CCSH. I have created graphics and messaging for special events and developed pieces for the benefit of the congregation as a whole. This is service I give to shed light on a faith community that welcomed my family while holding space and doing good for so many others.

Promoting Practitioners

I find promotion of practitioners to be an essential part of my calling. Lifting up others is a real service to my community, industry, and legacy.

VACNJ Teaching Institute

I created a series of videos, workshops, and documents to help teachers at the VACNJ push their teaching to new levels–and so they could find more ways to entice students to their offerings! This created a culture change that many found accessible and valuable.

VACNJ: Create Yourself Campaign

I had the distinct luck and pleasure to develop a whole new rallying campaign for the VACNJ with Cynthia McChesney, the Director of Development and Marketing. Together we were able to breathe new life into a brand that had grown a bit stale. Our ideas reached every part of the VACNJ’s messaging, and CREATE YOURSELF is the credo of the organization to this day.

What was so unusual was how well we were able to work across the needs of the entire organization. I so appreciated how willing and open Director McChesney was–I was able to design for the entire entity, not just for my part.

COMD Departmental Name Change

As the department I served at City Tech sharpened its focus, we developed a whole new name and identity.

I collaborated with Prof. Anita Giraldo and in three weeks, we had a full campaign rolling out across CUNY. We used our students as models and writers for every single piece, creating a pride and momentum that carried the whole group through the difficulties of culture shift.

City Tech GenEdge

I developed the GenEdge program while at City Tech.

The City Tech GenEdge is the result of years of effort by the college-wide curriculum development and the General Education Committee. We have taken the General Education requirements, the students’ needs, and the expectations of society to put together a meaningful approach to skills and attitudes we all need. This is the added benefit of culture and community our students and graduates deserve, and which helps them thrive as they enter the world as engaged citizens. It is the added boost our college provides to excel and the tools to be productive throughout our careers.

ADGA Communications

Before my department at City Tech changed its name, I worked to increase its standing within the college as a whole. This energy bubbled over as I created ads and print pieces for Open Houses, student recruitment events, and press contacts.

COMD Internal Communications

Libby Clarke / Studio
I make things and teach people to change the world for the better.
Let’s Change the World
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