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Paper Products to Save the World

The Monstress Productions era was about working with what we already have to change the world from within: I created products that are meant to gently cauterize off the needless, endless desire of consumer culture in exchange for the steady contentedness of emotional metacognition. I used humor and the tenets of advertising design to give people tools to see we already have what we need, thereby freeing us all from the tyranny of unrequited, enculturated want. 

Essay: What is Monstress?

Early Products

While a student at Cranbrook Academy of Art, I created a fake company called Monstress Productions. I wanted to take apart consumer culture and persuasive manipulation. The logo was a take on the Vagina Dentata–the wordless, eyeless mouth with loads of teeth. I found the frippery of art school theory infuriating and exclusionary–I wanted to find ways to actually help people deal with real problems.

Monstress was my answer, making paper products to save the world became my game.

Portrait Products

Associativity Charm™
My friend was feeling deeply home sick, so I developed a tiny welcome mat she could scratch with her fingertips to snap herself into a state of feeling at home wherever she found herself.

Thought Hawker™
Another friend brimmed with huge plans and ideas but could not get anything off he ground. I made her a portable desk from which she could sell her ideas or find partners on the go.

Tranquility Mask™
My girlfriend’s perfectionism blanketed her every waking moment. I made this mask for her to wear at night so she could dream of all she wanted, freeing her waking hours for dealing with life on life’s terms.

Anti-Self-Defamation Device™
A dear friend compulsively talked herself down. I made her a device in which she could see herself plainly while realigning herself to better self care.


I found the only hoilday that intrigued me was Valentine’s Day. It had such potential, if only we could stop holidng romantic love above all others. I would develop a list of 150-500 people, design one major art work, and then send the piece out for Valentine’s Day.

Here & Now Project

I  developed the Here & Now Project as a small letter pressed and die cut kit containing several stickers imprinted with the words "HERE" and "NOW." The user  dispersed the stickers in his home on on his commute, then when he encountered one later, he used the promt to snap to the present moment. This small, meditative moment hopefully brought some relief to the stress of everyday life.

I also made a website and phone app for the project, from which I sold products and kept track of user stories.

Here & Now Kickstarter

Ennui Free

I wanted to help people build awareness of the times they felt okay, so I printed up little blackboards, packaged them in kits with directions and chalk. The user could mark off days they were able to stay out of boredom and unhappiness. I made a website where people submitted ideas about how to stay ennui-free.

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