Gowanus Studio Space

Publications & Information Manager

Culture Change

My role was to design, maintain, and produce printed and online materials. I organized, maintained, and disseminated meeting notes and communications. I ran the intern program, set up classes, and organized art shows and events with my fellow steering committee members.

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I was lucky to work with such a wonderful group

I joined GSS to revive my flagging art practice after 12+ years weathering a career in interaction and advertising design. I spent over five years working on my practice and on the administration of the space within the steering committee. I left a better artist, designer, citizen, and person. I cannot express my gratitude for the people there who let me develop my style and approach. I pay their generosity forward with every opportunity I create.

Public Relations

I was a worker among workers–we all had functions to fulfill, so I used my greatest pool of skills to pitch in. I developed templates for all public-facing messaging first, building off any and all branding the team had developed organically. I worked to be a voice for the organization when need be, delivering interviews and developing contacts.

I built a much-needed responsive website, clarified the Instagram and facebook presences, and trained any and all members on Google Drive as needed.

Libby Clarke / Studio
I make things and teach people to change the world for the better.
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