Community Service & Engagement

I build connections by finding alliances and resources through community connections, and they enable me to discover people who may be underserved or left out. 

SAP | Sign Committee Work

I was able to lend my design expertise to Julia Moran and her team as we helped businesses on Springfield Avenue meet the township signage regulations.

Friends Vote Together Outreach

I partnered with FVT in order to develop several waves of items we have on sale. All proceeds go to organizations dealing with voters’ rights, hunger, and social justice. We continue to raise funds for causes to this day.

This collaboration has enabled me to build a network of contacts across the nation with other activists affecting change in underserved communities. We also have worked to find more and more organization to which we can contribute.

SOMA Against Hate Collective

On December 16, 2019, residents of South Orange and Maplewood woke up to find the town papered by hate flyers created by a Neo-Nazi group. In response, several activists, religious leaders, and others formed the SOMA Against Hate Collective. This group contacted me and I designed a set of yard signs within a few days. We printed 1,000 right off the bat and distributed them through several sites all over the area.

I see these signs every day as I move around my adopted hometown. I am still so proud to have been a part of a decisive signal to hate mongers. Some may say a yard sign isn’t much–but the organization, the communication, and the camaraderie formed around the development of them is tremendous.

SOMA Pride & Seth Boyden

I always make myself available to support LGBTQIA+ groups and concerns. I have been able to contribute graphics and time for several efforts in SOMA.

SOMA Action

I served as the Communications lead, then moved on to work with the group as a whole, producing posters for key protests and donating artwork for fundraisers.

Libby Clarke / Studio
I make things and teach people to change the world for the better.
Let’s Change the World
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