Christ Church in Short Hills

140th Anniversary 

Logo Design

I have developed the branding and materials for Christ Church in Short Hills’ 140th Anniversary and 60 years of Christ Church Nursery School. After the hard times fo COVID-19, we are working to celebrate all we have done over time with special events, speakers, and concerts all year.

I worked with the Anniversary committee and came up with our theme: “Deeply Rooted, Branching Out.” I developed a logo mark that folds together the chyron of the main logo with the image of a tree. I was inspired by the story of a beloved 170-year-old black oak which we had to remove recently from in front of the church. A member of our congregation had it taken and milled for future use, and we are using its story and its wood to build for the future.

The Commemorative Guide

Once we had our branding,  I developed the structure, look, and feel of a 60-page guidebook of the current main church. It includes a history, a walking tour of our stained glass windows, and a call to continue gathering the story of the congregation.

I chose to take this work on as I am a longtime member of this congregation. CCSH is that rare type of gathering where I have found true welcome not only for myself as a gay woman, but for my wife and child as well.

I am able to find others working to heal the world there, and I am happy to welcome anyone in who needs a respite from the world. 

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